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  • Job Issues 28 – Memo for Requesting a Bonus
    It’s not easy asking for a bonus. This Model Memo offers you a professional and effective way to do so. It offers 12 alternative reasons why you should be paid a bonus, including (1) why it is good for your employer, (2) why you deserve it, and (3) how it will serve to both incentivize you and retain you at the company, which are the three real reasons bonuses are paid.
  • Job Issues 6 – Memo to Set Your Bonus Expectations with Your Boss
    Your one best method to getting the annual bonus you deserve is to (a) ask for it, (b) ask for it at the right time, and (c) ask for it in the right way. This Model Memo can be used as a good example for your own memo.
  • Comp 5 – Memo Responding to a Disappointing Bonus
    If you have received a disappointing bonus, you can respond respectfully and effectively to seek (a) reconsideration, (b) alternative “rewards” and/or (c) ideas about how you might avoid disappointment next year at “bonus payment” time. This model memo makes the pitch in a very respectful and effective way, and includes 12 suggested “alternative rewards” you might ask for. It shows you “What to Say, and How to Say It.”™
  • Comp 3 – Memo Proposing a Retention Bonus or Arrangement
    In many circumstances, most commonly just prior to a merger, (a) the employer has a special need to retain key talent and/or legacy knowledge, and (b) the employee has a special need for job security or its “cousin,” financial security. These two needs are commonly satisfied by a “retention bonus or arrangement,” sometimes called a “stay put plan.” Here is how you can request one, without seeming to be threatening or hostile.
  • Comp 4 – Memo Requesting Changes to Retention Bonus Agreement
    Should you be offered a Retention Bonus, it is almost certain you will be asked to sign a Retention Bonus Agreement. If you are, you likely have the leverage to request clarifications be made to the agreement, to protect and promote your interests. This model memo includes the eight most common changes people request, and shows you “What to Say, and How to Say It.”™