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• Resign 3 – Involuntary Resignation
If you resign from your job, you may be losing out on many valuable interests, including prorated bonus, severance, vesting of stock or stock options, and even unemployment insurance. However, if you are “involuntarily” resigning due to an intolerable situation at work, these interests – and others – may be yours to keep. This Model Letter shows you how. Updated and Revised

• Job Issues 46 – Complaint About Bully Boss To CEO And HR
While it is always preferable to work out issues directly with your Manager, sometimes he or she is just too provocative, reactive, explosive and/or threatening to do so. Or you may have tried without success. This Model Memo is your probable next step, as it clearly, concisely and in effective fashion raises with professional demeanor your concerns about the bully bossing you are experiencing. It also sets forth your reasonable requests for relief. It shows you “What to Say, and How to Say It.”™

• Job Issues 24 – Anonymous Complaint About Bully Boss
Bully Bosses are often intimidating, humiliating and corrosive to the body and soul. This Anonymous Model Letter – with instructions for transmitting – is intended to both stop the abuse and prevent possible retaliation. It is intended to be transmitted to higher-ups, as well as the local prosecutor, and is the “Best Way to Beat the Beast.”

• Job Issues 31 – Model Memo To Employer Insisting On Protection From Potential Workplace Violence
Sadly, violence in the workplace is becoming more frequent each year. By law, the first duty of every employer to every employee is to provide a workplace safe from injury and harm. If you have a concern about possible violence in your workplace, this Model Memo shows you what to say, and how to say it, to ensure your employer (a) promptly (b) takes all necessary steps to protect you, and (c) takes all necessary steps to make your workplace a safer place in the future. It also addresses any concern you may have about retaliation for making your request.

• Job Issues 10 – Memo Requesting FMLA Information, Forms, Procedures
The Family and Medical Leave Act (known as “FMLA”) is a federal law that gives most employees a right to take time off to care for loved ones, and return to that same (or an equivalent) job. It’s a very useful law, but kind of complicated, too. Many people ask us, “Where do I start?” This memo shows you how.