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  • FMLA 1 – Five Email Memos for Use When “Totally Frazzled” and Applying for a FMLA Leave of Absence
    Five Handy Emails: (1) To Manager Regarding Taking a Few Days Off; (2) To Manager, Advising that FMLA leave is being taken; (3) Email to Colleagues who may Contact You To See How You Are; (4) To HR (and Insurer) Requesting FMLA Leave of Action Start Date and End Date; (5) To HR (and Insurer) Requesting Critical Information on Payments, Benefits, etc. A Helpful Package of Email Memos that show you “What to Say, and How to Say It”™ during the FMLA Leave of Absence process.
  • FMLA 4 – Complaint to U.S. Dept. of Labor of FMLA Interference and Retaliation
    FMLA – the Family and Medical Leave Act – is a really good law. It is good for families, good for employees, and good for society. Unfortunately, many employers and managers do not see FMLA as being good for them. More often that we wish, they make difficult or interfere with employees exercising their FMLA legal rights, and then retaliate against them for exercising them. Since there is no “official” form for filing a complaint of interference With FMLA rights, or retaliation for exercising them, we have prepared one ourselves. That’s what this Model Letter is all about . . . it shows you “What to Say, and How to Say It.”
  • Job Issues 10 – Memo Requesting FMLA Information, Forms, Procedures
    The Family and Medical Leave Act (known as “FMLA”) is a federal law that gives most employees a right to take time off to care for loved ones, and return to that same (or an equivalent) job. It’s a very useful law, but kind of complicated, too. Many people ask us, “Where do I start?” This memo shows you how.
  • Job Issues 14 – Filing Complaint of FMLA Violation/Retaliation to Human Resources
    The Family and Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”) gives employees the valuable legal right to take unpaid time off from work to take care of themselves or their loved ones; It also guarantees they will be returned to their jobs, or equivalent ones, once they return. This model letter is a model Complaint for violation of FMLA rights – either denial of leave, interference with legal rights, failure to return to prior position, or retaliation for invoking FMLA’s protections.
  • Job Issues 42 – Model Memo: I am Not Returning After My FMLA Leave of Absence (contains Resignation):
    Often, for many different reasons, employees do not want to return to their employment after their FMLA Leaves of Absence are over. It can be a touchy situation, and a tricky thing to “navigate.” There are better, more effective – and “safer” ways to go about it. Like all of our Model Letters, this Model Letter shows you “What to Say, and How to Say It.”