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  • New Job 2 – Thank You Letter after Interview; Later Follow Up
    An elegant, brief, yet effective “Thank You” letter following a job interview. Intended to convey your strong interest in the position, and encourage a prompt call-back and eventual job offer. Includes a Follow Up letter for your use if you have not heard back within two weeks of interview.
  • New Job 8 – 50 Good Reasons to Explain Your Last Departure
    Our MOST POPULAR checklist. It’s often difficult to explain why you would leave your last job without having a new one lined up. Here are 50 Good Reasons to offer an interviewer or to put into a job application. Each is a substantive reason that anyone can understand, and few would question.
  • New Job 10 – Model Response to Interviewer or Recruiter When Asked for Your Salary Expectation
    Salary is not all that matters in a job offer. When you are asked for your salary expectations, it is wise to note that your expected salary may depend on other aspects of the job offer, including title, bonus, benefits, equity, whether you must sign a non-compete, etc. This Model Response shows you what to say, and how to say it. It can be spoken, or written, depending on the circumstances.
  • New Job 11 – Thank You Letter after Rejection Received
    Everyone has been turned down for a job, but very few people have the good sense, the savvy and the spirit of determination to send a “Thank You” note to interviewers after receiving notice of rejection. Why do so? For many good and compelling reasons, most of all because it often works to keep you in mind if the chosen candidate does not accept the job or does not work out, or if a new position opens up. Don’t get mad, don’t get sad . . . Get hired. And this can only increase your chances of that happening. Here’s “What to say, and how to say it.”™
  • New Job 21 – 163-Point Master Guide and Checklist for Interviews
    There’s a lot to remember to do, and to do right, in the interview process, from what to wear, what to bring with you, to what to say if you hear you did not get the job. This 163-Point Master Guide & Checklist contains everything you probably thought of, and everything you probably did not think of. As Ben Franklin Said, “Fail to Prepare, and You Prepare to Fail.”
  • New Job 24 – 25 Great Excuses to Attend a Job Interview
    Who hasn’t been there?: working for one employer and having an interview with a prospective employer. here are better and worse excuses to give to be out of the office for this purpose. Gives you examples o use, and ideas to adapt to your circumstances. There is nothing like it available Shows you “What to say, and how to say it.”™
  • New Job 6 – Advising Interviewer(S) Not To Contact Your Employer
    Leaving one job and starting a new one can be a nerve-wracking experience. You want to do all that is necessary to help yourself get the job you want, without unnecessarily risking the job you have. This letter – advising your interviewers not to contact your present employer without your prior consent – is perhaps the most important step in that process.