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• Next Step 1: “Seeking a New Job” Letter to Send to Family, Friends and Colleagues.
When seeking a new job, it is important that you use the most efficient and effective means of getting re-employed. Our clients have found this Model Letter to be among the best of the ways. It shows you (i) what to say, (ii) how to say it, and even (iii) who to say it to. Includes “Follow Up Model” – to Send each 2-3 weeks. Highly recommended.

• Reference 2: Request for Positive Reference Letters from Former Managers or Colleagues, with Three Suggested Samples
Getting a new job requires that you create in the mind of your prospective employers an impression of great value to them. The best way to do that is to get former clients, managers and colleagues to say, one way or another, “This person was a great value to me.” That’s called a reference letter, and this is how you make it easy for others to give you one. “What to Say and How to Say It.”™

• New Job 1: Cover Letter Submitting Your Resume
A simple, yet memorable and effective Cover Letter for submitting your resume to a prospective employer. Contains alternative clauses for various circumstances: responding to an advertisement; upon suggestion of a mutual acquaintance; upon request of a friend or mentor.

• New Job 8: 50 Good Reasons to Explain Your Last Departure
Our MOST POPULAR checklist. It’s often difficult to explain why you would leave your last job without having a new one lined up. Here are 50 Good Reasons to offer an interviewer or to put into a job application. Each is a substantive reason that anyone can understand, and few would question.

• New Job 2: Thank You Letter after Interview; Later Follow Up
An elegant, brief, yet effective “Thank You” letter following a job interview. Intended to convey your strong interest in the position, and encourage a prompt call-back and eventual job offer. Includes a Follow Up letter for your use if you have not heard back within two weeks of interview.