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• Non-Compete 1 – 185-Point Master Guide & Checklist to Non-Compete’s
This Master Guide & Checklist takes you step-by-step through everything you need to know about Non-Compete’s. There is nothing like it, anywhere. Eleven Sections: (a) General; (b) Before Employment; (c) During Employment; (d) After Employment; (e) Understanding; (f) Negotiating; (g) When Looking for New Jobs; (h) Preparing for a Dispute; (i) If Accused of Violating; (j) Fight Outside Court; and (k) Fighting in Court.

• Non-Compete 2 – Model Letter: Will I Be Required to Sign a Non-Compete For this New Job (And, If So, May I See a Copy)
Getting a new job requires that you create in the mind of your prospective employers an impression of great value to them. The best way to do that is to get former clients, managers and colleagues to say, one way or another, “This person was a great value to me.” That’s called a reference letter, and this is how you make it easy for others to give you one. “What to Say and How to Say It.”™

• Non-Compete 3 – Model Letter: Response to Request You Sign a Non-Compete
You have just been offered a great job . . . or you believe it will soon be offered to you. However, it requires that you sign a “non-compete” agreement. You find yourself in a quandary: the non-compete seems to say that, if you leave this job for any reason, you can’t work in your industry for a full year. What are you going to do to pay the bills during that time? How should you respond? This Model Letter shows you how.

• Non-Compete 4 – Model Memo: Disclosing Your Non-Compete to a Prospective Employer; Requesting Support if Dispute Arises
It is always a concern: will a prospective employer decide not to either interview me or hire me because I have signed a non-compete? This Model Memo shows you when and how to disclose your non-compete agreement, and to ask for the employer’s “support” in the event a dispute arises with your former employer.

• Non-Compete 5 – Model Letter: Proactive Attempt to Prevent a Potential Non-Compete Dispute (For a Former Employee who has Found a Job for a Competitor)
“I have a non-compete, but I want to work for a competitor. What should I do?” The answer is almost always to proactively seek a resolution with your former employer before a dispute occurs. This Model Letter shows you how.

• Non-Compete 6 – Model Letter: Response to Attorney’s Cease and Desist Letter Alleging Non-Compete Violation
Receiving a “Cease and Desist” letter alleging that you have violated a non-compete agreement can be an upsetting experience. Usually, they come from a lawyer, and are quite menacing. The overall message – stop working for your new employer, or else be sued – is daunting, to say the least. Facing the possibilities of an expensive lawsuit and potential loss of your job is more than enough to really upset you. How should you respond? This Model Letter is the answer.

• Non-Solicit 1 – Model Letter: Response To Request Non-Solicitation Agreement Be Signed
Whenever a non-solicitation agreement is presented for you to sign, you should (1) understand it represents a limitation on your ability to work in the future, and (2) do your best to limit its possible negative effects on you. This memo shows you how to do just that. It contains the 16 most important things to ask for, and shows how to ask for them. Written for a person who just received a job offer, but is applicable to anyone asked to sign a non-solicitation agreement, at any time, in any context.

• Non-Solicit 3 – Seven Brief Letters To Former Clients During Non-Solicitation Period To Maintain The Relation
If you signed a non-solicitation agreement, for a certain Period of time you cannot solicit their business. But you sure can communicate with them, to keep your relation “alive and warm” during that time, so long as you do not “solicit” their business. These Seven Brief Letters show You how to do just that.

• Non-Solicit 4 – Response To Cease And Desist Letter Alleging Violation Of Non-Solicitation Obligations
Every now and then, an employer comes to believe that an employee has not lived up to his or her Non-solicitation obligations. If this happens to you, and you have been careful not to engage in a violation, this response letter may be just what you need to “push back” effectively and successfully. Shows you “What to Say and How to Say It.”

• Post-Employ 15 – For Former Employee: Have I Signed Any Agreements That Restrict My Activities In The Future?
Many former employees don’t know whether they have signed agreements that say, for examples, they cannot (a) work for a competitor or a customer (present or prospective), (b) solicit business from a customer (present or prospective), (c) solicit or hire a former colleague who is or was an employee of the former employer, or even (d) go into business on their own in the same industry. How can you find out? Ask, but very carefully, without “tipping off” the former employer of exactly which restriction you are concerned about. This Model Letter shows you “What to Say, and How to Say It.™”