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  • Performance Review 1 – Before Performance Review: Memo to Make it Best Possible
    Why wait until after your performance review is presented to react to it? It’s a far better idea to proactively ensure that your review is the most positive, and least negative, possible. Here is how you can do that.
  • Performance Review 2 – After Performance Review: Model Performance Review Rebuttal
    Here is exactly what you need to respond to a problematic Performance Review. It shows you what to say, and how you need to say it, whether your Performance Review is (a) factually incorrect, (b) missing important information, (c) improperly motivated (as examples, personal feelings, discrimination or retaliation), (d) without any notice, (e) overly subjective, or otherwise in error, this is the Model Memo you need.
  • Performance Review 3 – After Performance Review: Requesting Performance Review Rebuttal Procedures and Forms
    Many employers require Performance Review Rebuttals use only certain procedures and forms. Some require you send your Rebuttal to certain people and obey certain deadlines. Others have no strict requirements. Before you respond to your Performance Review, you must find out. This model memo does this for you.
  • Performance Review 4 – 141-Point Master Guide and Checklist for Performance Reviews
    This Master Guide and Checklist puts everything at your fingertips, from “a” to “z” from (1) Before Your Performance Review Meeting ( “Your Chance to Enhance”), (2) During Your Performance Review Meeting (“Your Three Objectives”) and (3) After Your Performance Review Meeting (“Your Robust Rebuttal”). This is a constant Top Seller!
  • Performance Review – 5 Model Letter Thanking Manager for Performance Review
    Your manager has a lot of responsibilities. He or she is a human, and so will remember those who (a) appreciate their good work, and (b) express that appreciation. Show your manager you appreciate the effort, candor and caring that went into your performance review, and he or she just might show you better assignments, better bonuses, and perhaps even better performance reviews in the future. Just one page, but a springtime favorite.