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  • PIP 1 – Model Response to Receiving a PIP
    You are brought into a room, told your performance is unsatisfactory, and that you have sixty days to totally improve. You feel violated, powerless and angry. You don’t know what to do. This Action Memo gives you the form in which to challenge a Performance Improvement Plan. This is the most common reason visitors come to our Blog, and this is the most popular Action Memo in our Sklover’s “Private Library.”
  • PIP 3 – 152-Point Step-By-Step Guide and Checklist for a PIP
    This is our unique guide to Pushing Back at a PIP. Each of the 152 points is a lesson learned in representing others in the PIP process. It’s like having a “PIP Coach” at your side.
  • PIP 4 – Three Model Memos Requesting Feedback from (i) Clients, (ii) Customers and (iii) Colleagues for Use as PIP Pushback
    PIP’s are often based on a false presumption of poor performance. Who would know better about your actual performance than your clients, customers and colleagues? We often suggest seeking feed-back from these folks to help push back at a PIP. These three Model Memos do just that.
  • PIP 5 – Final Effort to Achieve Delay in PIP Process or Conclusion to Permit Time for Job Search or Other Preferable Solution
    When prior efforts to “push back” at a Performance Improvement Plan (“PIP”) don’t yield the desired results, we suggest a final, last-ditch effort to delay its conclusion to enable more time to (a) stay on payroll and benefits, (b) find a new job, (c) obtain a transfer, (d) negotiate an exit package, or (e) achieve some other preferable goal. This memo embodies the “never stop trying” principle we always advocate.
  • PIP 6 – After Successful PIP Pushback: Eight Positive Suggestions To Get Back On Track
    The goal of our PIP Pushback efforts is usually to get past it, and “back on track.” This Model Memo is a critical step to take to do just that. It contains 8 Positive Suggestions to your Manager and Human Resources to “heal” any wounds and encourage the most positive outcome possible. Like all of our Model Letters and Memos, it shows you “What to Say, and How to Say It.™
  • Job Issues 16 – Employee’s Second Response To Receiving Performance Improvement Plan
    Sometimes, an employee’s first efforts to “Push Back” at a Performance Improvement Plan do not accomplish the goal of having it removed or changed. For these people, we offer this second “PIP” Model Letter, intended to raise the issues to a higher level of authority at the employer. Most commonly this is ether the CEO or the Board Members, who have greater authority – and responsibility – for matters of misrepresentation and fraud, which false PIP’s generally are.