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  • Maternity 1 – Pregnancy – Giving Notice to Your Boss (With 18 Points to Consider Mentioning)
    It takes forethought and care to tactfully and successfully address any workplace circumstance out of the ordinary. Pregnancy – and how it might affect your job, duties, compensation, promotions, and career – is just such a circumstance. This Model Memo both shows you how to give notice of pregnancy, and at the same time address 18 points that may be relevant – or even crucial – to you. As do all of our Model Memos, it shows you “What to Say, and How to Say It”™.
  • Maternity 2 – Pregnancy – Requesting Reasonable Workplace Accommodations; With 18 Suggested Accommodations
    Regarding how employers must accommodate pregnant employees is rapidly evolving – and for the better. Simply put, while no person is entitled to different or preferential treatment due to her or his gender, as a society we want, need and value healthy moms and healthy children. This Model Memo provides a list of 18 such reasonable accommodations you might request, and like all of our Model Memos and Letters, shows you “What to Say, and How to Say It”™.
  • Maternity 3 – Advising Manager of Out-of-Home Activity During Maternity Leave
    While on Maternity Leave, must a new Mom stay at home? That is, is she prohibited from doing things such as attending seminars, appearing at trade conferences, taking a course, visiting with relatives, and the like? There are potential pitfalls with doing so, and unnecessary limitations entailed in not doing so. This Model Memo shows you how to advise your Manager that you are going to do so, and provides the sound rationales for your decision to use your Leave of Absence for your needs.
  • Maternity 4 – Model Memo: I am Not Returning After My Maternity Leave (With 18 Great Sample Reasons)
    Often, for many different reasons, employees do not return to their employment after their Maternity Leaves are over. It can be a touchy situation, and a tricky thing to “navigate.” There are better, more effective – and “safer” – ways to go about giving Notice of Not Returning, and reasons to give for your decision. Like all of our Model Letters, this Model Letter shows you “What to Say, and How to Say It”™.
  • Maternity 5 – Model Memo: Complaint of Pregnancy Discrimination To HR
    No matter how much managers might love children, they can at times find it very difficult and problematic when their employees become pregnant. That’s because an employee’s pregnancy can disrupt the usual flow of things, and require significant accommodations. If you believe you, your job, your compensation or your career has suffered because of your present or past pregnancy, this is a sample formal complaint to file with HR. Like all of our Model Letters, this Model Letter shows you “What to Say, and How to Say It”™.
  • Maternity 6 – 150-Point Master Checklist for Pregnancy and Maternity Leave
    Pregnancy and Maternity Leave are times of great transition, personally, at home, and at work. We offer this 150-Point Master Checklist to assist you in (a) helping you remember all that you need to remember, (b) not forgetting anything, and (c) suggesting some of the things you may not have thought of. We consider this to be the very best there is, anywhere.