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  • Reference 1 – Model Letter to HR, Former Managers and Former Colleagues To Discourage Potential Negative References
    This Model Letter addresses one of the greatest and most common concerns of job seekers: that former managers, colleagues may provide negative references if contacted. This letter effectively and professionally reminds those who might be inclined to damage your job-search prospects that, if they do, they will likely be held personally accountable. “What to Say and How to Say It.”™
  • Reference 2 – Request for Positive Reference Letters from Former Managers or Colleagues, with Three Suggested Samples
    Getting a new job requires that you create in the mind of your prospective employers an impression of great value to them. The best way to do that is to get former clients, managers and colleagues to say, one way or another, “This person was a great value to me.” That’s called a reference letter, and this is how you make it easy for others to give you one. “What to Say and How to Say It.”™
  • Reference 3 – Request for “Departure Statement” from Your Employer During Severance or After Departure – With Sample
    Job Searches require good reasons for your departure. Each of your interviewers may ask you the reason for your departure. Having a “Departure Statement” (which provides a positive ‘spin’ on your departure) can only help you land that job. Being able to provide such a letter to potential employers will give you both an advantage, and additional confidence, as well. Though most employers have policies against providing reference letters, they are increasingly provided, if requested, especially during severance negotiations. “What to Say and How to Say It.”™
  • New Job 14 – “Friendly Warning” to HR to Give Neutral Reference
    When job-searching, and you know that your background is about to be checked, you might consider “reminding” HR in a “friendly way” that (a) it has agreed to give a neutral reference, (b) it should remind others of that, too, and (c) those calling for references JUST MIGHT be friends or former colleagues of yours. This Model Memo shows you “What to Say and How to Say It.”™