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• Resign 1 – Two Alternative Resignation Letters
We present two alternative resignation letters for your use. First, a short version, to satisfy the minimal requirements of courtesy. Second, a mid-length version to address issues of incomplete projects, compensation due, and future communications. These are offered as a “package” because you may want to use parts of each in your own resignation.

• Resign 2 – Master 100-Point Pre-Resignation Checklist
Perhaps the most popular Item on our Private Library. You can make many mistakes of “omission or commission” in voluntarily resigning. These 100 things to do, not to do, and to consider doing in the resignation process, reduce the chances you will make a mistake.

• Resign 3 – Involuntary Resignation
If you resign from your job, you may be losing out on many valuable interests, including prorated bonus, severance, vesting of stock or stock options, and even unemployment insurance. However, if you are “involuntarily” resigning due to an intolerable situation at work, these interests – and others – may be yours to keep. This Model Letter shows you how. Updated and Revised

• Resign 4 – To HR Before Exit Interview
Employees who are asked to attend an Exit Interview should be very careful about both (a) what they say, and (b) what they sign. Departing employees should use this opportunity to their own best advantage, to “tie up” some very important “loose ends” that could become troublesome in the future. This model letter helps you do both by addressing 15 important concerns of the departing employee.

• Resign 5 – Follow-Up Letter To Involuntary Resignation
Involuntarily Resigning has two general purposes: (i) to give notice you are leaving and the facts that make your resignation entirely involuntary; (ii) to ask that you be treated as if you were laid off without cause, that is, be given such things as unemployment benefits, vesting of equity, voiding of any non-compete agreement, and severance. The first goal is almost automatic; your letter does just that. The second goal is not as easy, and may require a second letter. This is that second letter. What to Say, and How to Say It.™

• Resign 6 – Master 119-Point Checklist For Involuntary Resignation
Involuntary Resignation is a stressful time, but a time you need to think of, and remember, an awful lot of different things to do, and how to do them. This Master 119-Point Checklist will do that for you, and should ease your anxiety by a few degrees, or more.

• Resign 7 – Letter To Unemployment Benefits Agency: Why Involuntary Resignation Deserves Eligibility
Sometimes – to protect yourself, your health, your Integrity and your family – you just have to leave a job. For these circumstances we invented the idea of “Involuntary Resignation.” But a resignation might make you ineligible for Unemployment Benefits. This Model Letter is designed to supplement your Unemployment Benefits Application to explain why, in your circumstances, your “Involuntary Resignation” should NOT disqualify you from benefits, but instead make you eligible.

• Garden Leave 1 – Seeking Shortened Garden Leave (With 10 Potential Leverage Points)
Garden Leave can slow down your plans to transition to another employer by requiring you to wait to do so by 30, 60, 90 or even more days before you depart. Can you negotiate to reduce the length of time? Although few believe it can be done, several of our clients have done so successfully. And, if you don’t try, you will never know if you can. This Model Memo shows you how.