Ultimate Unemployment Benefits Package

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• UnempBen 1 – Requesting Employer’s Assurance It Will Not Contest Unemployment Benefits Application – With 10 Great Sample Reasons
The most common question asked by clients who have recently left or lost their jobs: “Will I get Unemployment Benefits?” This Model Letter serves to reduce the anxiety, insecurity, fear and risk of being denied Unemployment Benefits by (a) sharing the reasons you are eligible, and (b) requesting that your former employer provide written assurances it will not contest your Unemployment Benefits application. Includes 10 Great “Sample Reasons.”

• UnempBen 2 – 132-Point Master Checklist for Unemployment Application and Hearing/Appeal
Unemployment Benefits are a kind of “lifeline” in turbulent times. Unfortunately, how the system “works” can be quite confusing. This 132-Point Guide & Checklist provides a good deal of the clarity you need to safely and smartly “navigate” the Unemployment Benefit system, from Application to Appeal.

• Resign 7 – Letter to Unemployment Benefits Agency: Why Involuntary Resignation Deserves Eligibility
Sometimes – to protect yourself, your health, your Integrity and your family – you just have to leave a job. For these circumstances we invented the idea of “Involuntary Resignation.” But a resignation might make you ineligible for Unemployment Benefits. This Model Letter is designed to supplement your Unemployment Benefits Application to explain why, in your circumstances, your “Involuntary Resignation” should NOT disqualify you from benefits, but instead make you eligible.