Every now and then we come upon an outstanding resource for those of us who appreciate the wisdom and necessity of taking an active role in “Standing Up for Yourself at Work™.”

Today we recommend to all of our subscribers and visitors who one day would like to retire a very valuable blogsite: www.retirementrevised.com written by journalist and author Mark Miller.

RetirementRevised.com is extremely informative and well-constructed, making it both valuable and available. It is edited and published by Mark Miller, a journalist and author who is a nationally-recognized expert on trends in retirement and aging. The site is focused on retirement investing, benefits, careers and health care, with a focus on re-building retirement security in hard times.

Mark is a retirement columnist for Reuters.comMorningstar.com, Tribune Media Services and Registered Rep magazine. He also has contributed to AARP MagazineThe Huffington Post and CBS Moneywatch.

Like so much of the landscape of employment, things sure have changed, and continue to change at a rapid pace. There’s an awful lot to think about when it comes to retirement, and we suggest www.retirementrevised.com is a great place to start, at the very least.