Resigned, but Need an Explanation

Question: I resigned my position as Office Manager with a company after 10 years of employment due to a hostile environment: verbal (profanity) abuse, intimidation, and bullying tactics towards all employees. I resigned my position because I did not want to be F’d at or intimidated anymore. There was no resolution. Now I am finding it difficult to secure employment. They ask me why I resigned and I say “I was not getting the support I needed for the position I was in.” Somehow that doesn’t seem to cut it. Is there any advice?

Marie, Connecticut

Answer: When I’m not sure of what to do, I look to “basic rules.” One of my basic rules is to tell the truth. You seem to believe that the truth will hurt you; I don’t think it should. When asked, “Why did you resign from your last job?,” why don’t you say, “I don’t like to criticize people, but I need to tell you the truth: I resigned because a new boss was hired who constantly cursed at everyone (including the “F-word”), yelled at everyone so loud my ears hurt, and acted like a bully so much that everyone worked all day long in fear.” If your next employer is an employer worth working for, they will understand. If they do not understand, they’re not worth working for.

Hope that helps.
Al Sklover 

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