With a little bit of determination, and an honest effort, you can do so much to help yourself become more job-secure, and more career-successful, than you’d believe.

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Each of our books, audio CD’s and video DVD’s works to give you insight, competence and confidence in Negotiating For Yourself at Work. Whether it’s a new job opportunity, getting better salary, bonus or promotion, or even severance, We Show You How.

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Fired, Downsized, or Laid Off
What Your Employer Doesn't Want You to Know About How to Fight Back

The worldwide best-selling guide to negotiating your own severance package (336 pages).


Job Security
Seven Steps to Staying Employed and Employable

The definitive guide to navigating and negotiating to Job Security and Career Success; introducing The QVP Method (214 pages).


Look inside this book

Resigning from Your Job
The 21 Necessary Precautions

Practical, preventive and powerful considerations when voluntarily leaving your job (124 pages).


DVD's and AUDIO CD's

The 7 Steps to Job Security
DVD Seminar Presentation

What Top Executives Know, And Teach Their Children.

(1 ½ hours) $59.95

sample video (3.4 mb)

Downloadable mp4 (1 ½ hours) $59.95

Negotiating for Yourself At Work
3-CD Set or downloadable mp3

Listen to others negotiate for themselves at work using the 7-Step QVP™ Method.

The 7-Step Method For Job Security and Career Success.

3-CD Set (3 hours) $29.95

sample audio (MP3, 1.3 mb)

Downloadable mp3 (3 hours) $29.95


Negotiating Your New Job
The 5 Strategic Steps Forward

Special Considerations and Lessons for Negotiating New Employment (with checklists and forms)


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