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“Words mean more than what is set down on paper.
It takes the human voice to infuse them with deeper meaning.”

– Maya Angelou

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Video 1 Performance Improvement Plans – How to Push Back
In just 12 – 15 minutes, learn what you need to know about Standing Up and Pushing Back to a “PIP”, including Al Sklover’s Unique 5-Step Plan of Action. Gain the advantages of 30+ years of experience in just 12-15 minutes from the comfort of your home.
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Video 2 Bully Boss – Six Steps to Beat the Beast
Humiliation, Intimidation and Degradation are three of the signs you are dealing with a “Bully Boss.” Sadly, the incidence of Bully Bosses is clearly on the rise. This experience is one of the toughest to deal with, but there are effective ways to do so. In 12 minutes or so, this video shows you how.
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Video 3 Severance – The Six Sources of Leverage
For over thirty years I’ve negotiated severance on behalf of my clients. What motivates employers to give better severance? Over those 30 years, I have found just six sources, and in 12 minutes or so, this video explains them.
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Video 4 Interviews – Your Three Objectives at an Interview
You attend, you talk, you try to get the job. But a functional analysis of the opportunity we call an “Interview” reveals there are three things you should focus on accomplishing. Take 12 minutes or so and familiarize yourself with the process.
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Video 5 Job Security – Lower Your Odds of Being Laid Off
From defining what it is we call “Job Security” to devising ways to increase your own Job Security, this video tells you what you need to know. Take 12 minutes or so to find ways to keep your job.
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Video 6 Resigning – What to Do, and How to Do It
Leaving a job may seem just a matter of “Good Bye and Good Luck,” but unwinding an employment relation represents many traps for the unwary. Here’s what to do and how to do it before you resign, when you resign, and after you resign.
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Video 7 Job Offers – Six Steps to Respond to a Job Offer
How you consider, negotiate and accept a job offer sets the tone for the working relation to follow, and just might make the difference between a rewarding experience and a miserable one. Take the time, watch the video and then do the job.
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Video 8 Negotiation – Can I Really Negotiate with My Boss?
No one – except us – teaches employees to negotiate with their bosses. In fact, most employees don’t think they have the right or the skills to do so. This video explains that you do have the right, and the ability, to stand up and get treated the way you deserve to be treated.
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Video 9 Over 50? – How to Stay Employed and Employable
It is common knowledge: older employees have a harder time keeping employed. They are viewed as old-fashioned, lacking computer skills, likely to get sick, and without endurance. (Did I forget something? I am in my 60’s, you know.) Here are practical and achievable ways to remain in the workforce.
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Video 10 Human Resources – Seven Timeless Truths about HR
No, HR is not there to take care of you, make sure the office runs fairly, or to mediate disputes. Those views are just not at all accurate. Learn the truth about the real role of HR. By the way, most HR professionals love this video.
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Video 11 Your HR File – How to Get a View or a Copy
In many places, you have a legal right to see or copy your HR file. No matter where you are, there’s no downside to making the request. Here are some insights in what and how to do just that.
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Video 12 Non-Compete’s – How to Respond to “Sign This.”
In a job offer, during a job, and often as part of severance, you may be asked to sign a non-compete, and feel you have no choice. But you do. This video teaches you the basics you need to now, and shows you how to respond.
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Video 13 Involuntary Resignation – Leaving Without Losing
We have come up with a great way to resign, but preserve your chances of (a) collecting unemployment benefits, (b) requesting severance, and (c) making claims later, after you have a new job. Great Idea!
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Video 14 Misconduct Alleged? – How to Respond
These days, it seems almost impossible to obey – or even know all of the “rules” of the workplace. Sooner or later, odds are you will be one of those accused of something at work. Here are some tips and insights on how to respond.
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Video 15 Just Been Pink-slipped? – The Three Things to Do
At the moment of hearing you’ve been “let go,” there is a lot of worries, concerns and fears swirling in your mind; it’s hard to know what to do. This brief video boils it down to just three things, and provides a degree of calm to an otherwise anxiety-prone experience.
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Video 16 Unemployment Benefits – The 12 Basics You Need to Know
While each state has certain different rules for providing unemployment benefits, there are certain “basic rules” you do need to know and bear in mind. Here they are.
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