Sklover’s Monday Thought: “Time is Free . . . Yet So Very, Very Precious”

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“How does a child spell the word ‘Love?’
T – I – M – E.”

– Unknown

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This is a special time of the year. Whether you celebrate Kwanzaa, Christmas, Chanukah, another holiday, or all of them, it is a time at which we often give presents. I have learned that the last day of seven-day Kwanzaa – called Imani – is a time to give gifts, especially gifts that honor self-worth. May I suggest that the best gift we can give each other – and especially those who are alone most of the year – is T – I – M – E. Time is love to kids, but guess what? . . . T – I – M – E is also L-O-V-E to each of us, too, regardless of age, religion, gender or any other “category.” Each and every one of us. It has no cost, yet is priceless. And, too, it is a gift that keeps on giving – forever – through the magic of memories.

Touch the hands during the visit. Touch the heart during the telephone call. Touch the soul with the sparkle in your eyes during the Zoom call. Just be “in touch” with all of those with whom you have connected over your life. You’ll be touched, too, by the “present” you give in this way, and by the “present” you will get in turn, as well.

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