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Sklover Working Wisdom List Of Checklists

1. Checklists

What Will You Miss? Make Sure You Don’t.

Sklover Working Wisdom Job Search Model letters

2. Job Searches

Finding Your Next Job

Sklover Working Wisdom References Recommendations Model letters

3. References and Recommendations

To “Open the Door”
Sklover Working Wisdom Interviews and Resumes Model letters

4. Interviews and Resumes

Getting Your “Foot in the Door”
Sklover Working Wisdom New Job Model letters

5. Job Offers and Offer Letters

How to Respond to a Job Offer

Sklover Working Wisdom Climbing The Ladder

6. Climbing the Ladder

Raise / Promotion / Better Benefits

Sklover Working Wisdom Compensation Collecting Monies Model letters

7. Compensation And Collecting Monies

Getting Paid What You Deserve
Sklover Working Wisdom Bonus Model letters

8. Bonus

Getting Better Bonus Bucks

Sklover Working Wisdom Performance Reviews PIP Model letters

9. Performance Reviews and PIP's

Effective Responses
Sklover Working Wisdom Discrimination Model letters

10. Discrimination

Complaints of Illegal and Retaliatory Treatment
Sklover Working Wisdom Bully Boss Hostility Harassment Model letters

11. Bully Boss, Hostility, Harassment

When Meanness Goes “Over the Line”
Sklover Working Wisdom FMLA Disability COBRA Illness Model letters

12. FMLA / Disability / COBRA / Illness

Illness and Injury – Laws that Can Help
Sklover Working Wisdom Pregnancy Maternity Model letters

13. Pregnancy & Maternity

Pregnancy and Parenting – The Legal Protections
Sklover Working Wisdom Relocation Expatriate Assignments

14. Relocation & Expatriate Assignments

Moving for Your Job and Employer
Sklover Working Wisdom Misconduct Workplace Violence Model letters

15. Misconduct & Workplace Violence

Defend Yourself and Report Danger
Sklover Working Wisdom Other On the Job Issues Model letters

16. Other On-the-Job Issues

If It’s Not in Another Section, It’s Probably Here
Sklover Working Wisdom Filing Complaints Whistleblowing Model letters

17. Filing Complaints and Whistleblowing

Discrimination, Harassment, Retaliation, FMLA, etc.
Sklover Working Wisdom Retaliation Model letters

18. Retaliation

If Harmed for Standing Up or Doing Right
Sklover Working Wisdom Non-Compete Related Restrictions Model letters

19. Non-Compete's and Related Restrictions

Avoiding, Navigating, and Defending Against Them
Sklover Working Wisdom Dispute Resolution Model letters

20. Dispute Resolution

Responding to Allegations or Cease & Desist Letters, Settlement, Mediation, Arbitration
Sklover Working Wisdom Resigning Model letters

21. Resigning

From Involuntary Resignation to 100-Point Checklist
Sklover Working Wisdom Severance Model letters

22. Severance

Asking for More Time or Money to 94-Point Checklist
Sklover Working Wisdom Unemployment Benefits Model letters

23. Unemployment Benefits

From Getting Former Employer’s Cooperation to Winning at Appeal
Sklover Working Wisdom Post Employment Concern Model letters

24. Post-Employment Concerns

From Asking for Unpaid Monies To Cease and Desist Defaming You
Sklover Working Wisdom Your Next Life Chapter Model letters

25. Your Next Life Chapter

Agreements for Consulting, Independent Contractor, Partnership, Employment and Non-Disclosure of Ideas
Sklover Working Wisdom Custom Combo on Model Letters

26. Make a Custom Combo

Choose Any 3 Items from Any Categories
Sklover Working Wisdom Covid-19 Help Model Letters

27. Covid-19 Help

Model Letters, Checklist, Phone Consult To Help You Navigate the Pandemic and Work

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