Sklover’s Thought for the Work Week

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“The heroic hours of life do not announce their presence by drum and trumpet.”

– Benjamin Cardozo

Firefighters. Nurses. Cab drivers. Cops. Teachers. Neighbors. And gas station attendants, too. This week so many people in Metro New York have been heroes, you might think it was all an action movie. Unfortunately, it was not. But the innate goodness in people – and people who will never receive acclaim, a medal or even a “Thank You” – was so on display in Metro New York this week that it simply must rekindle the faith of even the most jaded cynic. Take that, pessimists! Take that, detractors. Take that, grumpies! Pushy, sure, but “Noo Yawkers” have a lot to be proud of, and so much to be thankful for. A disaster for so many, but a great week for hope and faith.

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