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“It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.”

– Roy Disney
Co-Founder, Walt Disney Company

This is a saying that I consider on a daily basis, with my children, with my clients and with myself. I sometimes say, “What is the ‘true north’ on your personal compass?” In what order of priority do you value health, fun, family, money, integrity, power, empathy, prestige, purpose in life, and other things? So long as you’ve given that question thought – and honest introspection – daily decisions are actually quite easy to make. In fact, for those who know their values, important decisions are often made before the need to make them arises.

This quote was offered to us by Mark P, of Brooklyn, New York. If you would like to submit a proverb, quote or thought, please submit it to us at vanessa@executivelaw.com.

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