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“If we don’t transform our pain, we are certain to transmit our pain.”

– Unknown Author

Every now and then I come across someone who is acting with such emotion – anger, fear, distrust or otherwise – that is so clearly out of proportion and obviously self-defeating that it makes me wonder, “Where is that coming from?” Invariably I conclude “Must come from some experience in his or her past.” With simple eloquence this quote suggests the lesson to learn: At work, when you come across others – or even yourself – acting out of “past pain,” don’t either engage or disengage. Instead, just tread lightly in the moment, for the emotion has little to do with you. Avoid both confrontation and ending communication, if you can. It’s a very productive pointer and important lesson in wise navigation and negotiation at work, to enhance your success at work, the ultimate goal of this blog.

This quote was sent to us by our “Blog Family Member” Tom D. of Chicago, Illinois. Hats off to you, Tom. If you would like to submit a proverb, quote or thought, please submit it to us at vanessa@executivelaw.com.

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