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“The palest ink is worth more than the best memory.”

– Chinese Proverb

At work, so often what someone said, promised, represented, assured, objected to or complained about, is at the heart of a dispute. Chances are that the dispute would not have arisen, or would be easily resolved, if only there was a “record” of what took place. Please always remember that, in good times and in bad, “email is your faithful friend.” And recall, too, that an email record does not need to sound like an “I am making a record of this.” Instead, you might disguise it as a “Thank you,” an “I hope we can speak about this later,” or “I have a question about this subject.” So long as it is expressed in an email, the world will always know (a) what was expressed, (b) by whom, (c) to whom, (d) on what date, and (e) at what time . . . even every single word. At work, a moment of prevention can prevent a lifetime of diminished career.

This proverb was sent to us by Peter Kim of Salinas, California. Our gratitude to you, Peter, for helping us remind our Blog Family of a very important “SkloverWorkingWisdom” lesson.
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