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“Each time you say hello to a stranger your heart acknowledges that we are all family.”

– Suzy Kassem

One of my most enduring, enjoyable – and financially rewarding – client relationships started with a simple, “Hi, I’m Al . . . what’s your name?” I was a speaker at a conference, and at lunch break I saw someone at a table, sitting by himself. I introduced myself, as did he, sat down next to him, and then, when others came into the room who I knew, I invited them to join us. For the last 25 years, that fellow sitting by himself has been a client four times, he has recommended me to dozens of new clients, and we keep in touch regularly, despite his having retired. We consider each other almost-brothers. It is kind to say hello to a “stranger,” kinder still to introduce yourself to a stranger, and most kind to introduce a stranger to others. It is great for you, too, in oh-so-many ways. Keep in mind at work, and elsewhere, that the best definition of “a stranger” is “a potential friend, perhaps even a new family member.” You’ll be glad you did.

This quote was sent to us by Richard T. of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. We appreciate your “introducing” us to this quote, Richard. If you would like to submit a proverb, quote or thought, please submit it to us at vanessa@executivelaw.com.

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