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“When music speaks, everybody understands.”

– Paolo Petrocelli

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If there is one universal language, one voice that resonates to all, and one thing that soothes all souls, it is music. I’ve read that music was “invented” long before language was. And I’ve heard responsible authority posit that both animals and plants respond to different sounds, different notes, and different rhythms. A recent study appearing in Science magazine has found that Zebra Finches sing to their eggs, and in this way instill messages that encourage positive behaviors post-hatching. One way or the other, consider incorporating music into your work day . . . there’s a good chance you will find the day pass more quickly, with lower stress, and yield greater productivity. At a very minimum, you’ll enjoy your work more, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

This quote was inspired by my attendance last week at the wedding of two young friends, both of whose careers are music-based, and who – coincidentally or not – always seem to be “dancing” with great joy through each of their days. Best wishes to you, S.L. and R.A.!

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