Sklover’s Monday Thought: Evil Needs Fear

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“Evil is powerless if the Good are Unafraid.”

– Ronald Reagan

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There are some people in our lives – in all aspects of our lives – who have an illness, perhaps a deficiency, maybe it’s an injury, or even a congenital defect. Simply put, they don’t seem to have a “working soul.” No apparent element of morality. A seeming indifference to – if not a desire for – pain, hurt and harm to others. It’s important that we do not permit ourselves to fear evil people when we come upon them because that is what gives evil people their power over us. That is what they need to be as evil as they are. Sure, they might hurt or harm you. But remember, too, that they are much more likely to hurt or harm you, or those you care for, if you show them you fear them. Show them you are unafraid, and they are more likely to go away. And the one thing that evil people really, really fear? Your showing others you are unafraid, and that they can be that way, too. Give it some thought.

“If you do not punish evil, it will never stop.” Volodymyr Zelensky

Ukrainians are a people who do not show a fear of evil, and they need our support. You are once again urged to make a donation, of whatever amount you can, to relief for the Ukrainian people at this time. Two of the best ways to do so are these two privately operated relief agencies: and Treat others as if you would wish they would treat you, if you were in their shoes and they were in yours.

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