Sklover’s Monday Thought: Resilience

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“Resilience is based on compassion for ourselves as well as compassion for others.”

– Sharon Salzberg

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I believe “resilience” is one of the most important words for our challenging times. It’s several attributes rolled up into one simple characteristic: a refusal to “give up or give in, no matter what.” It’s an ability to recover from just about any misfortune. It’s adapting to difficult or challenging life experiences, especially with both flexibility and toughness – as best you can. It’s “reaching deep” and finding strength, to support yourself and those you care for, no matter what. It’s periodically saying to yourself, “This too shall pass – probably – and if it does not pass, well, I will deal with that, too.”

Where does resilience come from, and how can you develop more of it? No one knows for certain, but I’ve observed resilience most commonly in people who have been through “dark nights,” “emotional storms” and “inner earthquakes,” and somehow found themselves “alive and kicking” in the morning. Do what you can to personify the word “resilience” by seeing beyond the calamity at your door – and you’ll be giving yourself and those you care for perhaps the best present there is, if only by being a role model to emulate.

This quote was offered to me as a gift from my yoga teacher of 9 years. She is a person of profound insight and truly uncommon resilience. Thank you, my teacher, for this latest precious gift.

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