Sklover’s Monday Thought: “Looking Down, for a Good Reason”

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Never look down on anybody unless you’re helping them up.”

– Rev. Jesse Jackson

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When I first read this quote, two phrases seemed to jump off the screen: “looking down” and “helping up.”

“Looking down” seems so ‘dark’ to me. I don’t think I understand it; why would anyone want to “look down” on anyone? Not long ago two friends were speaking about a mutual acquaintance who reportedly drinks alcohol to a fault, mocking her for her frequently slurred speech and unkempt appearance.

I was silent. All I could think of was “Everyone has a life story, and hers might not be a pleasant one.” Maybe she was abused, perhaps traumatized, even lived a very difficult early life, and since then endured a struggle few can imagine. And it surely did not make me think any better of those who spoke disparagingly about her. Just the opposite.

“Helping up,” to me is an exciting phrase, full of both potential and possibility, and a promise of better things to come. Perhaps an appreciative smile, or a nod of gratitude, which speak volumes without saying a single word. And, as we all know, or should, “What goes around comes around.” And, it does, and it will. People don’t soon – or ever – forget a helping hand up.

I really liked Rev. Jackson’s ten words and their message, and I hope you do, too. It is, in my experience, one of the greatest career enhancers I am aware of.

This quote was sent to us by Blog Family Member Ramon V. of McAllen, Texas, located in the Southwest corner of the Lone Star State. He mentioned that, in his field of endeavor – marketing of investment products – it is this sentiment that makes him a top producer almost every year, though his book of business is based in a blue collar community. I’m not surprised.

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