Sklover’s Monday Thought: “The One Universal, Penetrating Language.”

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Kindness is the language the deaf can hear and the blind can see.”

– Mark Twain

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How can people who are very “far apart” be brought together in common interest?

Even those of vastly different cultural backgrounds, from distant locales, or who are aligned with opposing political parties, or practice different religions, even citizens of warring nations? And, too, at a time so many people seem to be “yelling past” one another. Whether employee or employer. Whoever and wherever you are, that’s the Number One Question before us.

There is one truly universal language that speaks to all people; even other species. Softly, yet clearly and convincingly. It is kindness; not only is it universal and powerful, but it is also the only “unspoken” language.

Consider infusing kindness into your interactions with others, at work, home or otherwise, even when you “speak” with yourself. As Mark Twain so insightfully and powerfully put it, even the deaf can hear it, and the blind can see it. And, too, it can miraculously, instantly and permanently make profound changes inside each of those who “hear” it.”

I was reminded of this quote, one of my most favorites, a short while ago when I saw a young man tying the shoelaces of an elderly woman whose hands trembled almost uncontrollably. That chance experience left me nearly speechless, and in other ways has not left me since. Don’t think it ever will.

Each of us is that young man, and some day will be that elderly woman, communicating in the “universal language” that brings people together like no other.

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