Sklover’s Monday Thought: “The Pain – and Fruits – of Discipline”

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You can either experience the pain and fruits of discipline, or you can experience the pain of knowing you did not.

– Unknown

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Did you ever need or want to learn a new skill, hobby, language or sport? Embark on a new career? Perhaps lose those extra 20 pounds? It’s never easy being a “beginner.” Getting past “beginner” and bravely moving forward toward “mastery” requires self-denial, but is rewarding in other ways, some of them unanticipated:

First, the desired “fruits” of your discipline and efforts will likely enable you to seek yet more “fruits” in the future. For example, learning to speak French, will likely enable you to become a connoisseur of French wine. Learning to golf will enhance friendships, both personal and in business.

More importantly, you will likely begin to take on the “Yes . . .I can do that” attitude common among people who, having improved themselves, believe they can do that again, and again.

Perhaps most importantly, you won’t be burdened forever with regrets that you shied away from challenging yourself, from “testing your mettle.” Regrets have a dampening effect on daring, audacity and enthusiasm that can last a lifetime.

Discipline can be difficult, but there is no better way to get to all the “places” you want to go, and enjoy the oh-so-many “fruits” of the journey. Just bare in mind that the “root” of discipline is not punishment but instead disciple, that is, “one who learns.”

This quote was sent to us by Maja O., of Gothenburg, Sweden, a seaport city on Sweden’s west coast, who recently became a member of our worldwide “Blog Family.” Welcome “Cousin” Maja!

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