Sklover’s Monday Thought: Self-Education – The Available Advantage

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Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.”

– Jim Rohn

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Over years of working alongside executives and professionals in their particular fields of endeavor, I have come to appreciate the depth and breadth of the formal education most possess. Some more than others, though, seem to apply those same lessons learned with a rigor, an intensity, a near-ferocity that surely derives from having “attended” a different kind of “university.”

I came to believe that those with this greater degree of engagement perhaps started working odd jobs while quite young, or experienced a desperation to succeed, or just possessed greater creativity as to the many different ways to get a job done. Wherever it comes from, it is a very advantageous “inner asset.”

More recently, though, I have come to perceive this uncommon trait in a different way. Increasingly, it seems to originate from a deep desire to understand an argument from both sides, to give “crazy ideas” a bit more time and consideration than others do, and a near-absence of fear of failure.

It’s opening a bit wider any limits on your thoughts, laying down your ego for an extra moment, unleashing your heart a bit more than usual, all in the name of understanding. Truly understanding. When I read this quote and especially the phrase “self-education,” all I could think of was “Yes, that describes this rather rare ‘inner asset’ in a nutshell.”

As an analogy, they say chewing your food a bit more carefully will both aid in its digestion and control of your appetite. In a similar way, giving yourself the extra few moments to see and hear both sides of any argument, or giving a “crazy idea” an extra moment’s consideration, will surely aid in your continuing, lifetime “self-education.” Consider this for a minute or two, maybe even try to incorporate it as a new habit. If you try – especially at work – I think you’ll be glad you did.

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