Sklover’s Monday Thought: Determination makes a Big Difference

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We will either find a way, or make one.”

Aníbal Barca

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Since receipt of this quote, I’ve given it a good deal of thought. In its simplicity, I’ve found it to be insightful in so many ways, from so many perspectives, and to have so many applications. As an example, as a simple acceptance of the many obstacles that arise each day in trying to get things done. Or a resolute decision to achieve an objective needed to move forward to larger things. Or even as a public declaration of a grand purpose, akin to “We will overcome.”

I believe it also reflects a virtuous, self-affirming attitude, a clear frame of mind, a value-laden school of thought that we often see among those who always seem to “either find a way or make one.” A singular purpose derived from a limitless confidence borne of an unending faith.

Looking into the life of this quote’s author – Aníbal Barca – I found out that Aníbal is better known to us as “Hannibal,” the Carthaginian General who, two thousand years ago, famously crossed the Alps with his 30,000 soldiers, 15,000 calvary, and – now get this – 37 elephants. Now that’s determination of the first order.

At work, and in your personal life, determination makes “the” difference in achieving goals and fulfilling purposes. Think about this especially when you feel at the end of “your rope” or without any further inner resources. The insight applies, too, on a larger scale: to our society at this time. No matter how fractious, how anxious, how untrusting those around us seem to be, there is – and there will be – a way back to daily civility, common purpose, and mutual respect. If we can’t find a way, then surely we will make one. Yes, we will; I know, we will.

This quote was sent to us last week by Cindy D., of Galesburg, Illinois. With her submission, Cindy noted that her daughter, in high school, came across this quote in a history book, and asked Cindy what it meant. Cindy shared that, three weeks later, she and her daughter have not yet finished discussing it, and all it means and may mean. Thanks, Cindy, for the thought-provoking quote.

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