Sklover’s Monday Thought: The first wealth is health.

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The first wealth is health.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1860

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So simple, so true, so important.

Over decades of counseling and guiding employees, never before have I been consulted by so many employees about a decision to resign, even without a new job offer in hand. The reasons shared are varied, but the most common explanation is “I just can’t put up with this stuff anymore,” or words to that effect.

“This stuff” they can no longer tolerate? Generally speaking, it is being treated with a mixture of disrespect, dishonesty and disdain that challenges not only their dignity, but their emotional and physical health, as well.

I am a strong proponent of walking away from toxic treatment by colleagues, managers, even customers. It is a tough decision to make, requiring significant courage, confidence, self-respect and clarity of values. I applaud those with the courage to walk away from abuse, at work or elsewhere.

Those of my clients who have walked away from mistreatment have often reported back that doing so was a great step forward, a positive move, though not a decision easily reached, but a move they are so glad they made. Almost all reported that their health has improved.

The one piece of unsolicited advice I offer to all with the bravery to do so is that you do so with the “self-care” you deserve, that is, (a) without anger or negativity, (b) following a plan you’ve thought out, (c) each step, carefully executed.

Step-by-step care in making important life transitions is surely worth the time, effort and cost entailed. As the saying goes, “The first wealth is health.” Health is truly the one necessary element needed for everything else in life that is cherished, treasured and revered.

Over the past few months or so we received this quote – or a version of it – from three different “friends of the blog,” Jeremy D, of Lewistown, Montana, Olivia C., of Ottawa, Canada, and Larisse R. of Lynchburg, Virginia. Thanks . . . and “Good Health!” to each of you!

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