Sklover’s Monday Thought: Challenge or Surrender? Up to You

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“Challenges in life are inevitable. Surrender is optional.”

– Blaise Pascal

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I consider this quote – and its underlying message – to be huge.

Each and every day each of us is confronted with multiple challenges, some rather trivial, some life-threatening. Some are of equal significance to a small splinter, some the gravity of a large truck barreling toward us. It is not our choice to determine which ones come our way.

As this quote reminds us, challenges are inevitable. What is not inevitable is how you see them, how you respond to them, even the word you choose to call them. The word “challenge” suggests an invitation to respond, a call to take part in a competition.

If viewed the best way, “challenge” can be viewed as an invitation to stand up and summon all the strength, smarts and determination you have in order to survive and prevail. “What’s the problem, what’s the best solution, what are my resources, how can I be my own best friend, when do I start?”

Viewing the challenge that confronts you with fear of defeat, or focusing on the possible pain you might have to endure, serves only to add to the weight, size and specter of the problem in front of you.

Whether it is loss of job, relation, health, finances or life, confront that challenge face forward, chin up and with “dammit determination.” You owe it to yourself, and to your loved ones, to do nothing less.

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