Sklover’s Monday Thought: Autumn Leaves

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“How beautifully leaves grow old. How full of light and color are their last days.”

– George Burns

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What a sweet blend of sensitivities . . . about nature and about beauty, with lessons learned by an older comedian who spent his life making people laugh, starting in vaudeville in the 1920’s through starring in film and on television, until his passing at age 100 in the late 1990’s.

At work this week, and elsewhere, in your daily interactions with all of those around you, consider each of the boundless energies of their youth, the comforting assurances that have arrived with their mid-life, and perhaps, too, the divine joys of their later years. Every stage in life seems to have its own brand of “light and color” that appear, unfold, evolve and dazzle throughout the years.

Whether it’s a barrel full of energetic fun, the calm and confidence of having assembled retirement savings, or having a lifetime full of fond memories, don’t miss the miracle of your stage. And regardless of the season, don’t forget to pause to notice the “buds” of spring, smell the “roses” of summer. . . and take inside your soul the magical light and color of the “autumn leaves” all around you.

This wonderful quote mirrors our blogsite’s eternal message to our worldwide Blog Family: “If you live your life the right way, your later years will not be a winter, but rather, a harvest.” This is the happy message we send to you today, and every other day. Get out there, take the fresh autumn air into your lungs, and take into your senses the astoundingly colorful leaves as they first stand tall in the air, and then float to the ground all around you.

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This endearing quote was sent to us last week from, of all places, the hamlet of Hatfield, in Western Massachusetts, an autumnal paradise if there is one . . . just a mile down the road from Amherst, the town in which I spent my memorable college years. If you’d like to submit a saying, proverb or quote, we’d love to consider sharing it with our worldwide Blog Family. To do so, just send it to “The Boss,” also known as

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