Sklover’s Monday Thought: “The Garden in which You Grow“

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“Somewhere, someone is looking for exactly what you have to offer.”

– Louise Hay

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Each December, with the approaching end of the calendar year, we receive many emails and calls from clients experiencing disappointment or dismay. That’s because end-of-year feedback is often the “unkindest” kind of all . . . about performance reviews, raises, bonuses, restructuring, promotions, demotions, stock awards, sometimes even layoff notices.

The receipt of disappointing news at work is not a good time to be reactive. Rather, it is a good time to be reflective. That is, to ask yourself “Are this job, this company and this industry the best places for me, my creativity, my purpose, my rewards, my growth, and my passion?”

Might year-end disappointments in reality be a disguised message from your Manager to “Please consider moving on?” And, too, might it be a good time to ask yourself, “Have I sufficiently considered what, who and where my ‘best garden’ may be?”

Each new year, when the “calendar turns,” that turning brings you new data with which to decide your direction, and an automatic annual reminder that positions loaded with passion, purpose and prospects for prosperity are out there, and available to you.

This doesn’t mean you should or need to make a “move,” but it does mean you would be wise – and good to yourself – to take a moment to re-evaluate your “momentum,” reflect on your growth, and be honest with yourself about the “fertility” of the “garden” in which you presently grow.

This sweet thought was brought to us by Millie P., a former associate attorney in our firm, who ultimately found her greatest purpose and passion owning her own childcare agency in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. What unusual and unexpected paths we follow! Great to hear from you, Millie, and thanks for this timely reminder.

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