Sklover’s Monday Thought: “Share Joy, When You Can – Even at Work.“

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“Misery might love company, but so does joy. And joy throws much better parties.”

– Billy Ivey

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No question about it: there’s a lot of unsettling events and circumstances in our midst. For lots of reasons, it’s so easy for so many to become “down” with no seeming way to get “back up” in what may seem an unfair, cold and chaotic world.

There’s also no question about it: it’s the right and human thing to do to offer others among us who are in pain or misery compassion, care and concern, your understanding ear to listen, your reassuring shoulder to lean on.

In such helping efforts, it just may be the most helpful thing – for others and for yourself – to remain positive in your shared outlook, to emphasize the brighter sides of life. With appropriate sensitivity, sharing joy may just be the best medicine for the pain of misery. In fact, it may be the most helpful way to keep the sunshine in your and their smiles, your and their backs to the clouds. To be an example of finding joy, living joy, sharing joy, and the many sources of joy, with others, especially those among us who are in a state of gloom or despair.

Both at work and elsewhere – but especially at work – consider the many benefits to everyone of your being an example of one who lives life with gratitude for the many simple sources of joy: for having friends, family, a home, pets, enough to eat, and good health, too.

Be one who has the courage to smile, even with those who are sad, to offer a better perspective, the joyful one. It may not only be the special salve that soothes pained souls, but may provide you with one more reason for joy in your own life.

This joyful and insightful quote was sent to us by Aksel D., of Keene, New Hampshire, a recent new member of our Working Wisdom family. Our thanks to you, Aksel.

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