Sklover’s Monday Thought: “No Idea is Crazy. Well, At Least Most.”

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“When 99% of people doubt your idea, you’re either gravely wrong or about to make history.”

– Scott Belsky

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“Who would have thought?” “Nah, that will never work.” “Who came up with that foolishness?” “You MUST be joking!” Yet, today’s daily life is just full of the darnedest, seemingly crazy, if not stupid, ideas, things that surely were laughed at, or much worse. And today, they are at the heart of trillion-dollar companies.

Cell phones? Personal computers? Electric cars? Live music concerts “streaming” into your living room? Someone or two had the audacity, “chutzpah,” and disregard for common sense to come up with such crazy ideas that have since become known as Google, Netflix, Amazon, Nike, Apple, Meta Platforms and Microsoft. Let alone Taco Bell!

Got what seems like a great idea? Don’t discard it. Instead, write it down, and file it in a safe place. Perhaps it’s not yet good reason for you to quit your “day job” over, but it might be one day. Instead, nurture it, play with it, view it from all angles.

It is audacity, ignorance, innocence, naivety, foolish confidence and blissful disregard, combined with persistence, idealism, passion and a continual desire to learn that will one day get both you and your idea “there.”

Pretty soon, the blind will be able to drive cars, and the deaf will be able to dance to a tune. Cancer may become curable with good nutrition, alone. And no one will need to go hungry when agriculture becomes “married” to innovative technology. Before you know it more and more of the most “foolish ideas” will become reality. And one of them may well be yours.

That’s the idea.

This exhilarating quote came to my attention when, recently, I attended a truly wonderful middle school parents’ and grandparents’ seminar entitled “Encouraging and Nurturing Creativity.” I didn’t fall asleep once . . . I was too busy trying to catch my breath listening to the great ideas of the young people making presentations.

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