Sklover’s Monday Thought: “A good friend is second only to good health.”

You are currently viewing Sklover’s Monday Thought: “A good friend is second only to good health.”

“If you have nothing in life but a good friend, you’re rich.”

– Michelle Kwan

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I have always appreciated my good friends, no matter how seldom I might see them or speak with them. Friends from work, friends from my old neighborhood, friends from my yoga classes, friends from college, friends from my childhood.

They are precious. They are unique. Just knowing they are “there” is comforting, restorative, encouraging, and make me smile, straight through my body and soul.

I know if I fall down – literally or figuratively – they will “pick me up.” I know if I ask their opinion, I will get the truth, and nothing but the truth. And, if I make them happy or laugh, it makes me even happier and laugh even louder.

Friends from work are uniquely special. We all know that jobs are rarely lifelong, and that for this reason, workplace friendships often turn out to be rather temporary, and are often sorely missed when we change jobs. On the other hand, a good friend from work can be a long-term booster of your career.

Wherever your good friends come from in your life, treasure them, because they truly do make you “rich,” whatever may be in your bank account.

Your good friend,

This sweet quote was shared with me recently by, of all people, my good friend and walking buddy, Ludwig. Each time we return from one of our long walks, without request or comment, he walks with me all the way to my front door, to ensure I make it home safely. Even my dog, Ralph, does not do that for me. Thanks, Ludwig, you’re one in a million . . . but I did not say a million what!

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