Sklover’s Monday Thought: “There’s always another way.”

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“When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this: you haven’t.”

– Thomas Alva Edison

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With over one thousand patents – 1,093 to be precise – Thomas Alva Edison is considered the most prolific American inventor of all time. His inventions included the phonograph and musical recording for movies, though he was deaf. He never attended school, but was home–taught by his mother.

Edison viewed sleep to be a waste of time. So much so that, when he napped, he would first place a ball in each hand, so that if he dozed off, they would drop and wake him.

He was curious, he was a bit odd, but he sure was prolific and productive. Perhaps most of all he was determined. When he had an idea, he would not rest until he made it a working reality. He had heart, grit, moxie, guts, persistence, fortitude and tenacity.

Though he was unquestionably odd in some ways, Edison’s passion and fortitude are to be admired, even to some extent, emulated. His point in this quote is simple, clear and bold: Whatever it is you are eager to accomplish, there are innumerable ways to accomplish it, countless approaches to funding your venture, an infinite number of people who may be convinced to be partners with you, and more ways to market your product or service than are imaginable.

Even if you’ve tried every way you can think of, there are undoubtably more ways out there that you haven’t yet – but can – thought of. Just don’t stop trying. Maybe . . . just imagine . . . Edison wasn’t really deaf, but he just pretended to be unable to hear the “naysayers” all around him.

This quote struck me out of the several that came in last week. I think it is because it is a habit of mine to ponder, re-ponder and re-ponder again when I find myself facing a particularly perplexing question not of law, but of approach, of leverage, of how best to “read a room” when negotiating. My best ideas tend to come to me when I am showering in the early morning, walking my dog, Ralphie, and strolling at the famed Jones Beach, by my home. Thanks go out to Halil S, a member of our SkloverWorkingWisdom family who recently moved to the U.S. from his home country of Kosovo.

“You’re not alone . . . at work . . . any more.”™

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