Sklover’s Thoughts for the Work Week

Sklover’s Thoughts for the Work Week

“The person who knows only his side of the argument knows little.”

– Karl Barth

This quote expresses well what I often counsel my clients: “When negotiating at work, don’t focus your thoughts on what you want, need or deserve. That is because what your employer wants is the key to you getting what you “want, need and deserve” from your employer.”

Especially in times of difficulty and distress, so often we focus on “I want, I need, I deserve.” That rarely helps, because it is not motivating to others, among them your employer. What others will almost always focus on is what “they want, they need and they deserve.” That is what they are interested in most. So, “join” them, and their thinking, just for the moment.

For your employer, can you bring in more revenues? For your employer, can you build, expand and invigorate business relations? Perhaps enhance the company’s reputation? Solve critical problems and achieve needed successes? If you focus on those things, trust me: you will have a very attentive listener, and someone who will be more motivated to give you what “you want, you need, and you deserve.”

This wonderful quote was sent to us by Daria of Walpole, New Hampshire, just a mile or so from the Connecticut River. Great reminder of the fact that self-centering is often self-defeating.

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