"A man who wears one watch is always sure what time it is.
A man who wears two watches is never sure."
Author Unknown

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  1. NL 1: “If my mother works for my employer’s competitor, is that a conflict of interest?”
  2. NL 2: Conflicts of Interest at Work – Here’s What You Need to Know
  3. QA 1: “Can I be on ‘Garden Leave’ and reemployed elsewhere at the same time?”
  4. QA 2: “If a firm was representing me in my case against my employer and was also doing work for my employer, is that a ‘conflict of interest’?”
  5. QA 3: “If I’m in a conflict of interest at work, what can I do?”
  6. QA 4: “If my mother works for my employer’s competitor, is that a conflict of interest?”
  7. QA 5: “Is a disclosed conflict of interest still a conflict of interest?”
  8. QA 6: “Is it a conflict of interest for my attorney, during my case, to go to work for the other side’s law firm?”
  9. QA 7: “Is it illegal or unethical to work for two competing hotels?”
  10. QA 8: “Is opening, but not really running, a competing firm a conflict of interest?”
  11. QA 9: “While employed by a pharma company, is it a conflict of interest to be on the Board of a ‘nutriceutical’ company?”
  12. QA 10: Does a conflict of interest continue after you have resigned?
  13. QA 11: “Is it a conflict of interest if I work in the same place as my son, and I cover a shift for him?

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your later years will not be a winter,
but rather a harvest.”

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