10. For Those Under 25

"The young do not know enough to be prudent, and therefore they attempt the impossible, and achieve it, generation after generation."
Pearl S. Buck

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i. Internships

  1. NL 1: The Best-Ever “Internship-Wanted” Letter – Seven Thoughts to “Open the Door”
  2. QA 1: “Nine Paths to Locating Internships”

ii. Locating and Landing a Job

  1. NL 1: “Thanks (Sort of) for the Rejection” – May Actually Be a Good Idea
  2. NL 2: Grads Without Jobs – Here’s 10 Ideas to Help You
  3. NL 3: Make Sure You are “Attired to be Hired”
  4. NL 4: Nervous About an Upcoming Job Interview? Just Focus on the “Three Interview Objectives”
  5. NL 5: New Graduates Should Seek “The Three Ex’s”
  6. NL 6: The “Seeking a New Job Letter” – Often Overlooked, but Highly Effective
  7. QA 1: New Job, New Industry, Leaving Friends: Is It Worth It?

iii. Negotiating New Employment

  1. NL 1: “Forming or Joining a Start-Up? – 16 Questions that Need to Be Answered”
  2. NL 2: How to Give Yourself the Job Security and other Benefits of an Employment Contract
  3. NL 3: How To Negotiate Your “Welcome Aboard” Letter
  4. NL 4: Interviews and Meetings – How to Look Smart
  5. NL 5: Job Offer Letters – What to Look For – What to Look Out For
  6. QA 1: Are Employment Offer Letters Binding like Contracts?
  7. QA 2: Can an Employer Take Back a Job Offer?
  8. QA 3: Negotiating a New Job: How Do I Begin?
  9. QA 4: What, Exactly, is “Negotiating at Work?”
  10. QA 5: “How should I respond to a Job Offer being placed ‘on hold?’”

iv. On-the-Job Success

  1. NL 1: “New Job, First Week – Seven Questions You Should Always Ask”
  2. NL 2: 21 Tips For the Newly Hired Employee
  3. NL 3: How to Give Yourself the Job Security and other Benefits of an Employment Contract
  4. NL 4: “Employers Seek Job Candidates with Empathy – A Critical, Yet Scarce, Attribute”
  5. QA 1: “Any ideas on how I can get a promotion, despite my relative youth?”
  6. QA 2: How do workers get job security?

v. General

  1. NL 1: “Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s 10 Suggestions for New Grads”
  2. NL 2: “Good Guidance for New Graduates”
  3. NL 3: A Thoughtful Message for New Grads – “Don’t Do What You Love”
  4. NL 4: Avoid, If You Can, The “Obsolete Job” Trap
  5. NL 5: What Top Executives Teach Their Own Children
  6. NL 6: “At-Will Employment” – What Exactly Does That Mean?
  7. QA 1: “Should a young professional who likes his job change jobs for 50% more pay?”
  8. QA 2: “Young and PIP’ed? Here’s five thoughts to ponder.”

“If you live your life the right way,
your later years will not be a winter,
but rather a harvest.”

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