53. Going Out On Your Own

"Always remember that this whole thing started with a mouse."
Walt Disney, Founder of Disney Movies and Cartoons

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i. Getting onto the Next Path

  1. NL 1: “Thinking of Your Own Small Business? – Four Paths to Pursue”
  2. NL 2: Job Loss Rebound – How to Do It “A.S.A.P.”
  3. NL 3: Navigating Yourself to Self-Employment: “Your 10 Critical Steps to Going Out on Your Own”
  4. NL 4: “Got a New Business or Business Idea? – 10 Steps to Credibility”
  5. QA 1: “I’m thinking of leaving my job, and going freelance. What do you think?”
  6. QA 2: Where can I find “niches” to further my career?

ii. Starting or Joining

  1. NL 1: “Forming or Joining a Start-Up? – 16 Questions that Need to Be Answered”
  2. NL 2: Offered a Position and Shares in a Start-Up? – 10 Traps in the Legal Papers, and Your Ways Out
  3. NL 3: “Becoming a Consultant? – Here are 21 Smart Points to Raise”
  4. QA 1: “How can I negotiate more equity in a start-up venture?”
  5. QA 2: “Limited Liability Company or Liability Insurance: Which is Better for a New Company?”
  6. QA 3: “Can I compete with my former employer without getting sued?”
  7. QA 4: “What share should I ask for as a new firm partner?”

iii. Restrictions to Consider

  1. NL 1: Non-Solicitation Does NOT Mean Non-Communication
  2. NL 2: When Leaving Your Job, How to Take Your Colleagues With You
  3. QA 1: “Can I be sued for poaching an employee from my former employer?”
  4. QA 2: “Non-Solicitation Agreements – Ten Practical Questions”
  5. QA 3: “Before leaving my job to open my own business, can I contact the clients to let them know?”
  6. QA 4: “No Non-compete? No Stolen Secrets? You are Free.”

iv. MIscellaneous

  1. NL 1: “What is Joint Employer Liability?” Many Workers Have Two Employers, But Don’t Know It
  2. NL 2: Growing Business Need Funding? Think “S.L.I.C.E.”
  3. NL 3: Your Company Considering Investors? Get Ready to call the “C.O.P.”
  4. NL 4: “In-The-Meantime” Clause – This is One to Remember, and Request

v. Words and Phrases

  1. NL 1: Disintermediation – Key Words & Phrases

“If you live your life the right way,
your later years will not be a winter,
but rather a harvest.”

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