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i. How to Get

  1. NL 1: Compliance, Risk and Ethics Officers – Best Practices to Gain Job Security
  2. NL 2: Hey, It’s November . . . It’s Time to Gather “Value Proven” Letters
  3. NL 3: Job Security Secret: Be a Wise Cost Cutter
  4. NL 4: Job Security Secret: Learn the Basics of a Customer Language
  5. NL 5: Job Security Secret: Volunteer for an Extra Duty
  6. NL 6: Job Security You Can Create for Yourself
  7. NL 7: Key Man / Key Woman Clause – How to Protect Your Key Business Relations
  8. NL 8: Military? – Special Civilian Job Rights are Yours
  9. NL 9: New Employer an L-L-C or I-N-C? Think Gua-Ran-Tee.
  10. NL 10: “Required Notice” Provision – A Suggested “Win – Win” for All
  11. NL 11: “Term” or “Duration” Clause – Here are 10 Alternative Improvements
  12. QA 1: How do workers get job security?
  13. QA 2: Where can I find “niches” to further my career?

ii. How to Keep

  1. NL 1: “Change in Control at the Office? Here’s 10 Ways to Keep Your Job”
  2. NL 2: “Facing Merger or Sale of Your Employer? Here’s Fifteen Smart Steps”
  3. NL 3: Avoid Being RIF’ed – Five Effective Strategies
  4. NL 4: Beware of “Likely Successor Risk”
  5. NL 5: For Job Security, It’s important to “Diversify Your P.P.O.P.P.’s”
  6. NL 6: Over 50? Eight Ways to Remain Employed and Employable
  7. NL 7: Pregnant? When, How, and What to Tell Your Boss
  8. QA 1: “How can I tell if I have job security?”

iii. How to Lose

  1. NL 1: Avoid, If You Can, The “Obsolete Job” Trap
  2. NL 2: Beware of Temporary Assignments to “Special Projects”
  3. NL 3: Email at Work – Avoid These “Dozen Digital Disasters”
  4. NL 4: Giving and Receiving Gifts at Work -Ten Practical Precautions
  5. NL 5: “What is NOT Confidential Information –
    10 Guidelines for Resumes, Interviewing and Online Chatter”
  6. QA 1: “If the employment contract I was promised does not arrive, should I leave?”
  7. QA 2: “What can I do to ensure that, if I accept a “special assignment,” if it ends I’ll remain employed?”

iv. Other Thoughts

  1. NL 1: “18 Tips to Address Job-Loss Anxiety and Blues”
  2. NL 2: “Private Equity Buying Your Employer? Resist These 11 Employment Negotiation Tactics”
  3. NL 3: “Survivor Demotion” – When a Lower Level Job Is Preferable to Layoff
  4. NL 4: 21 Tips For the Newly Hired Employee
  5. NL 5: Heard a Recruiter is Shopping Your Job? Here’s Nine Suggested Steps
  6. NL 6: Job Security – Six Types, and More . . .
  7. NL 7: Job Security Secret: Don’t elevate a problem without also suggesting a well-considered solution (or two).
  8. NL 8: New Manager? – Big Risks Ahead! Eight Signs to Watch Out For
  9. NL 9: The “Seeking a New Job Letter” – Often Overlooked, but Highly Effective
  10. NL 10: “At-Will Employment” – What Exactly Does That Mean?
  11. NL 11: “Responding to a Retention Bonus Offer” – Ten Wise Steps”
  12. QA 1: “How should I ask for a retention bonus?”
  13. QA 2: “Is it illegal or unethical to work for two competing hotels?”
  14. QA 3: “My boss asked me for a job description; should I be worried?”
  15. QA 4: “What should I expect after ‘re-badging?'”
  16. QA 5: Can I Lose My Teacher’s License for Leaving an “At Will” Job?
  17. QA 6: If my husband was laid off because he was deployed to Iraq, does he have any rights?
  18. QA 7: Is it legal to lay off employees just to save on their benefits, or because they have been employed for many years?

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