33. Misconduct and Bad Behavior

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i. Yours (or Allegedly Yours)

  1. NL 1: 21 Ways to Avoid Being Accused of Sexual Harassment
  2. NL 2: Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Duties – The Four “Situational Exceptions”
  3. NL 3: Did You Know That . . . Recording Calls or Meetings Can Get You Fired
  4. NL 4: Email at Work – Avoid These “Dozen Digital Disasters”
  5. NL 5: Expense Reports Are Ending Careers Like Never Before
  6. NL 6: Gifts at Work – Giving or Accepting – are Not Wise
  7. NL 7: Giving and Receiving Gifts at Work -Ten Practical Precautions
  8. NL 8: Is Drug Addiction a Legally Recognized Disability? Understanding Addiction, the Law and the Workplace
  9. NL 9: Request a “Mental Health Day”? Do Not Use that Phrase
  10. NL 10: Ten Ways to Avoid Being Made a Corporate Scapegoat
  11. NL 11: “Box Breathe” to Lower Stress at Work
  12. NL 12: “The Three Kinds of Fraud – Recognizing and Avoiding Them at Work”
  13. QA 1: “Can having a business website ‘on the side’ be reason for termination?”
  14. QA 2: “Can taking time off without permission get you fired?”
  15. QA 3: “Fired for false accusation. What can I do?”
  16. QA 4: “I was served with a Grand Jury subpoena about my job; what do I do?”
  17. QA 5: “Is stating that I would not stay in a building on fire grounds for termination?”
  18. QA 6: “Laptop missing before I left my former job. Am I responsible?”
  19. QA 7: “Marijuana Legalization: Does it bring new issues into the Workplace?”
  20. QA 8: “Must I give a tape recording to my boss?”
  21. QA 9: “My husband was fired – falsely – for theft. Should he consult an attorney?”
  22. QA 10: “What is ‘after-acquired cause’ for firing?”
  23. QA 11: “With no anti-texting policy, can I be fired for texting?”
  24. QA 12: “Can I be fired for being ‘insubordinate’ when I am not even working?”
  25. QA 13: “Fired for Unknown Misconduct – Any Recourse?”
  26. QA 14: “Is there an agreed definition of ‘insubordination’?”
  27. QA 15: Did You Know That . . . Recording Calls or Meetings Can Get You Fired
  28. QA 16: Terminated for Unpaid Parking Ticket – Is That Possible?
  29. QA 17: “Can I get fired for refusing to work on the weekends?”
  30. QA 18: “Fired after I resigned; will it affect my open job offer?”
  31. WD 1: Blackout Period – Key Words & Phrases

ii. By Your Colleagues

  1. NL 1: #MeTooEnabler – Might You Know One?
  2. NL 2: Do You Know . . . that Stalking, including STALKING AT WORK, is now a CRIME in most States?
  3. NL 3: Job Security Secret: “It’s a pebble . . . not a mountain.”
  4. QA 1: “How can I prevent being blamed for misconduct by former colleagues?”
  5. QA 2: “I fear workplace violence; what should I do?”
  6. QA 3: “Is it ‘reverse discrimination’ if some people can use racist words, but some people can’t?”
  7. QA 4: “Can I fight my employer for enforcing a rule on me on the basis that others break the rules, too?”
  8. QA 5: Job Security Secret: “It’s a pebble . . . not a mountain.”

iii. By Your Boss

  1. NL 1: “Recording Conversations with Your Boss or HR” What You Need to Know
  2. NL 2: Is it RIGHT to do THAT? Ethics Clarified by Six Questions
  3. QA 1: “How should I tell Senior Management I don’t want to work for my new boss?”
  4. QA 2: “Is there ‘life’ beyond a horrible firing?”
  5. QA 3: “My former employer has literally destroyed me. What can I do?”
  6. QA 4: “My former employer took money out of my bank account. Is that legal?”
  7. QA 5: Boss is lying on her time sheets. How do I report it?
  8. QA 6: Don’t worry about a bully boss’s “sensitivity.”
  9. QA 7: “After reporting our boss for improper behavior, what can we do to prevent being retaliated against?”
  10. WD 1: Quid Pro Quo – Key Words & Phrases
  11. WD 2: Tortious Interference – Key Words & Phrases

iv. Reporting or Complaining About

  1. NL 1: “The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act – A Primer for Employees”
  2. NL 2: Filing a Complaint or Grievance at Work? Remember that “Specificity Yields Credibility”
  3. NL 3: I.R.S. Pays Employee $4.5 Million for Reporting Employer’s Tax Cheating: The Eight Things You Need to Know
  4. NL 4: Seen Accounting Fraud? New and Powerful “Whistleblower” Protections for Employees
  5. NL 5: Should I Report THIS to HR? – 11 Pro’s and Con’s
  6. NL 6: “#MeToo is Now #YouToo, Too” – Dignity for one requires dignity for all
  7. QA 1: “How should I report a sadistic manager / bully boss?”
  8. QA 2: “My HR Director gave a company ID to her husband, a sex offender. Your thoughts?”
  9. QA 3: “If I file a complaint against a colleague, can HR turn it around and blame me?”
  10. WD 1: Letter of Education – Key Words & Phrases

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