61. Workplace Negotiation Pointers

"Let us never negotiate out of fear, but never let us fear to negotiate."
U.S. President John F. Kennedy

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i. Personal Insights

  1. NL 1: Appearing “High Maintenance” Can Hurt Your Career
  2. NL 2: Hey, It’s July – Time to Re-Assess Your Unique Human Capital
  3. NL 3: Overcoming Your Fear Of Negotiating At Work
  4. NL 4: Sklover’s Thought for the Work Week
  5. NL 5: Sklover’s Thought for the Work Week
  6. NL 6: Two (or More) Job Opportunities? – 18 Elements of Comparison – [Part 1 of 2]
  7. NL 7: Two (or More) Job Opportunities? – 18 Elements of Comparison – [Part 2 of 2]
  8. NL 8: When Office-Negotiating, Put the “Power of Purpose” in Your Pocket
  9. QA 1: “Any thoughts about dealing with the fear of rejection regarding work?”
  10. QA 2: “How can I make a request or complaint without seeming like a constant complainer?”
  11. QA 3: “I fear the consequences of filing a complaint; any suggestions?”
  12. QA 4: Sklover’s Thought for the Work Week

ii. Process Insights

  1. NL 1: Don’t be too Rational . . . It’s not Logical.
  2. NL 2: Five Simple Thoughts About Effective Workplace Negotiating
  3. NL 3: Kids are the Best Negotiators – Learn from Them.
  4. NL 4: Knowing When It’s Time to Simply “Fold ‘Em”
  5. NL 5: Make a “Go File” . . . Pleeeeeze
  6. NL 6: Negotiating Equity Comp by “Minimum Value”
  7. NL 7: Private Equity: Comp Upon Liquidity
  8. NL 8: Promise Received at Work? Ask These Two Critical Questions
  9. NL 9: Seven Rules to Ensure Successful Negotiation Meetings
  10. NL 10: The Surprising Power of Simple Appreciation – A Negotiator’s Secret
  11. NL 11: When Negotiating at Work, “Words NOT for the Wise”
  12. NL 12: Workplace Negotiating Insight No. 10: No Road Signs
  13. NL 13: “If You Sign Something At Work, SAVE A COPY” – A Critical Workplace Negotiating Insight
  14. NL 14: “Motivate Before You Monetize” – A Workplace Negotiation Pointer
  15. NL 15: “Need a Work Document from HR? Afraid to Ask? – Here’s How”
  16. NL 16: “Problem Not Yet Solved; What’s My Next Step?” Your Five Alternative Next Steps
  17. NL 17: “To Persuade, First Agree” – A Critical Negotiating Insight
  18. NL 18: “Umbrella Negotiating” – Best Response to Private Equity “Hurricane Tactics”
  19. QA 1: “Followed your PIP method. Didn’t work. What next?”
  20. QA 2: “How can I convince an employer to hire me who believes it would be too risky?”
  21. QA 3: “If a job offers a certain pay, can I negotiate that?”
  22. QA 4: “Should I respond in my “PIP Meeting” or after, in writing?”
  23. QA 5: “What if my former employer ignores my filed discrimination complaints?”
  24. QA 6: “Will using an attorney to negotiate make things worse?”
  25. QA 7: What, Exactly, is “Negotiating at Work?”
  26. QA 8: Workplace Negotiating Insight No. 14: Don’t Trust Promises from Those Who Don’t Honor Them
  27. QA 9: Workplace Negotiating Insight No. 15: “Standard Language” . . . There’s no such thing.

iii. Locating Leverage

  1. NL 1: “‘Positional Leverage’ in Workplace Negotiating”
  2. NL 2: 10 Simple Phrases That Give You Leverage with Your Boss
  3. NL 3: A Negotiating Story – “Monticello”
  4. NL 4: AI Professionals: Special Contract Concerns
  5. NL 5: Interviews and Meetings – How to Look Smart
  6. NL 6: Locating Leverage with Your Boss
  7. NL 7: Online Courses: Career Advantage, Forever
  8. NL 8: The Bill O’Reilly Debacle – Its Most Important Negotiating Lesson for Employees
  9. QA 1: “In negotiating my severance, can I use as leverage the fact that I know how much different employees are paid?”

iv. Dealing with Your Boss

  1. NL 1: “Private Equity Buying Your Employer? Resist These 11 Employment Negotiation Tactics”
  2. NL 2: For Discussions with Your Boss: Your SkloverWorkingWisdom™ CheckList
  3. NL 3: In Negotiating with Your Boss, What You Want/Need/Deserve Is Not Most Important
  4. NL 4: With Your Boss, It Pays (and Pays Big) to be Tactically “Polite” at Work
  5. NL 5: “Want a Raise? – Here’s How to Ask”
  6. QA 1: “Can I reverse my company’s decision to outsource my work?”
  7. QA 2: “How can I diplomatically ask why I did not receive a workplace Award?”
  8. QA 3: “How can I get a copy of a document I signed and gave to my former employer?”
  9. QA 4: “How can I make my employer open emails I send him complaining about Human Resources?”

v. Other Practical Pointers

  1. NL 1: “New Job, First Week – Seven Questions You Should Always Ask”
  2. NL 2: “Recording Conversations with Your Boss or HR” What You Need to Know
  3. NL 3: Dealing with Deadlines in Workplace Negotiating – Focus on “The Four Flexible Features”
  4. NL 4: Five Negotiation Lessons From the Movie “The Social Network”
  5. NL 5: Hiring, Promotion, Raises – The Three Decisive Factors
  6. NL 6: How to Respond to “Take It or Leave It” In Employment Negotiations
  7. NL 7: Negotiating Employment with a “Private Equity” Firm – 7 Surprises to Expect
  8. NL 8: Non-Compete or Non-Solicit? Use “C.A.T.C.H.” to Understand It
  9. NL 9: Sworn Affidavit – Powerful Tool to Resolve Workplace Disputes
  10. NL 10: Ten Very Goofy Things Employment Lawyers Tell Clients
  11. NL 11: Workplace Negotiating Insight No. 5: Email is Your Faithful Friend
  12. NL 12: Workplace Negotiating Insight: Always Bear in Mind Who Called Who?
  13. NL 13: “At Work, Always Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth”
  14. NL 14: “Background Check” Provision – A Risk to Reduce or Eliminate Entirely
  15. NL 15: “Going to Be a Change Agent? – Get a Clear and Strong Mandate First.”
  16. QA 1: “How do I ask a new employer for an equity stake?”
  17. QA 2: “Is asking for a guarantee of an employer’s obligations – as mentioned in your Master Employment Checklist – realistic?”
  18. QA 3: “Should a young professional who likes his job change jobs for 50% more pay?”
  19. QA 4: “Should I get extra compensation for extra services and extra success by my employer?”
  20. QA 5: “Work in New Jersey; employer in Massachusetts. Which state’s lawyers can help me?”
  21. QA 6: “I work for a charity. Can I be forced to contribute to it?”
  22. QA 7: “Resign or Be Terminated. What should I do?”

“If you live your life the right way,
your later years will not be a winter,
but rather a harvest.”

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