11. Raises and Promotions

"One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary people.
No machine can do the work of one extraordinary person."
Elbert Hubbard

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i. Raise

  1. NL 1: Bonus or Raise Disappointing? Consider These Alternative Forms of “Compensation”
  2. NL 2: For a Raise or Promotion, Use “Triggers of Value.”
  3. NL 3: Time on Your Hands? – Get Valued Credentials Online
  4. NL 4: “Want a Raise? – Here’s How to Ask”
  5. QA 1: “Any suggestions for getting a Promotion or Raise?”
  6. QA 2: “My raise was tiny. Illegal discrimination, or legal cost-cutting?”
  7. QA 3: “Now doing two jobs for one salary; any suggestions?”
  8. QA 4: “Promised raise not given to me; what do I do?”
  9. QA 5: “Can I enforce an agreement to raise my pay if most, but not all, of the required conditions were achieved?”
  10. QA 6: “I need help in getting the raise I want.”
  11. QA 7: Low Raise Expected – What Should I Do?
  12. QA 8: No Evaluation – No Raise: Should I Quit?
  13. QA 9: Raise Request “Turnaround”: What Are My Options?
  14. QA 10: “Should I raise a ‘moral right’ to a raise?”

ii. Promotions

  1. NL 1: For a Raise or Promotion, Use “Triggers of Value.”
  2. NL 2: Online Courses: Career Advantage, Forever
  3. NL 3: “In-The-Meantime” Clause – This is One to Remember, and Request
  4. QA 1: “Any suggestions for getting a Promotion or Raise?”
  5. QA 2: “Any way I can make sure I will get a promised promotion?”
  6. QA 3: “Good responses to interview questions about how I would best manage people?”
  7. QA 4: “Any ideas on how I can get a promotion, despite my relative youth?”
  8. QA 5: “Can an employer require employees to relocate for a promotion, and refuse to promote them if they don’t relocate?”
  9. QA 6: “How can I ‘un-accept’ a promotion after I accepted it?”
  10. QA 7: “How can I get my employer to give me a promotion I have earned?”
  11. QA 8: “I was promised a promotion, and given the higher-level duties, but have been denied the better title and pay. What do I do?”
  12. QA 9: “I’ve been offered a promotion I’m not sure I want. What do I do?”
  13. QA 10: “How much should I ask for as a bonus for increased sales? How about asking for an ownership interest in the company?”
  14. QA 11: “Is it wise to resign because promotion was denied, and without a new job?”
  15. QA 12: “I’m seeking a promotion, without success. My boss says only HR can promote. What do I do?”

“If you live your life the right way,
your later years will not be a winter,
but rather a harvest.”

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