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One of the things that keeps us inspired and motivated is receiving unsolicited testimonials from those who have used our insights, model letters, counsel and guidance to achieve greater rewards – of every kind – from their work. Below are several we have received.

These testimonials are 100% guaranteed to be real, authentic, and unsolicited. (Note: They are not gluten-free, certified organic, or FDA approved.)

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Dear Alan,

First and foremost, I hope this finds you and yours well. I continue to read your blog regularly, but sometimes – as occurred with your recent post, “Non-Compete or Non-Solicit?”, I find I simply have to write and tell you how wonderful you are.
The information you provide is a boon to employees all over the world. You deserve all the kudos and success you’re receiving.

Take the best care,
L.K., London, England

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Alan –

I love your website. Your answers are inspiring and full of wisdom! Your info on Performance Improvement Plans is the best on the internet . . . and beyond!

San Luis Obispo, California

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Dear Mr. Sklover,

I just want to say thanks. i look forward to reading your tidbits of wisdom and inspiration in my inbox regularly. they are little rays of light and often uplifting. I am a counselor in private practice and find myself sometimes passing them on to clients. i also refer occasionally to your site as a great resource for critical employment-related info which has been so valuable for us with my husband’s situation, now happily resolved (received his bonus from previous year after being terminated after submitting two letters based on your advice).

I sense the huge spirit of good will behind your work to integrate the wisdom dimension into your website. You offer a rare breed of service I would say, and the world needs more of what you are offering.

All the best to you in the new year!

Austin, TX

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Hi, Al,

I cannot thank you enough for helping me escape my bully boss. The last nine month of my life have been a living nightmare. Using your Model Request for Separation After Filing a Complaint, I was able to successfully get HR to remove me from direct reporting to my bully manager. Thank you!!

R.L., Seattle, WA

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It’s amazing to me that I know so many people who have needed your services.  Thanks again for all your help.  It’s so good to know you are out there, protecting us from corporate America!

Best regards,
P.C., Englewood, NJ

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Dear Al,

Almost 6 years ago I was being set up to get fired.  I went to a lawyer for help who told me to get another job and charged me $250 for a 10 minute conversation over the phone.  I then went to a career consultant who told me I was somehow at fault.
I was desperate and started looking on the internet for any help and I found you.  Your support, advice, including the people who work for you, helped me save my job.  Almost 6 years later I am still employed with the same company and have received bonuses and raises every year.  THANK YOU!!

B.T., Branson, MS

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Dear Alan,

Thanks for your help back in 2014 with my layoff and negotiation for more severance – I had my baby girl that summer and was able to enjoy a few extra months at home which was invaluable.  I finally landed another full time position in the fall of 2016 and have been taking your advice about “finding a rabbi within the organization” to heart – please keep up the amazing blog, it’s been such a resource for me and many of my friends!  Have a wonderful 2017 and Year of the Rooster 🙂

A.W., New York, NY

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“I used your advice, and it worked!! Thank you sir!!

Bellbrook, Ohio

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“Timeless Truths about HR” – Nice Video, Alan! Thanks for setting the record straight about HR!

All the Best,
P.N. (An HR Pro)

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Hello, Alan Sklover!

You have changed my life in way neither you nor I could imagine. Three years ago, after becoming familiar with your blog, I called your office for a telephone consultation. I was being bullied by a new supervisor. He was threatening to place me on a Performance Improvement Plan after 9 years of stellar reviews and 3 promotions. It left me feeling emotionally wiped out, as I was anxious, not sleeping and not eating.

Not only did you help me in a legal and negotiating sense to obtain a severance double what the company was offering, you counseled me to focus on the important things in life: my health and my family. I began taking better care of myself, bought an RV, and have been traveling the country intermittently with my family between consulting projects. The bonding and happiness of my family is indescribable, and while I now make slightly less money, I am more satisfied being out of the rat race.

I have told other friends about your blogsite, and hope you can help them as much as you have helped me.

Thank you,
Towson, MD

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I just wanted to offer you my heartfelt thanks and my reactions to an answer your posted to a reader’s question. I can’t thank you enough for your extremely thoughtful, clear, detailed and helpful response to my dilemma. It exceeded my expectations!

I’ve been feeling alone in this situation, which is so different (luckily) from anything I’ve ever experienced before in the workplace, so your validation and guidance are very much appreciated. I will most definitely read your blog, refer my friends to it, and my clients, as well. This is an amazing service you provide to the public.

A few comments: First, your analogies perfectly capture how I feel about my situation, especially the example you gave of someone being told they earn only minimum wage – retroactively – which I feel is exactly what happened to me.

Second, I appreciate your recommendation about trying to communicate first with the school before quitting. It actually affirmed what I’ve done.

Once again, your answer was so very thoughtful, I just had to write to thank you.

Boulder, CO

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Dear Sklover Team,

I recently found your website, and used its information and guidance. It is in my opinion, based upon my professional experience and research, that without exception, Mr. Sklover (and his team) have produced the most impressive and complete compendium of freely available information, sage guidance and, most importantly, actionable behaviors on employee empowerment and self-protection. This is a superlative professional accomplishment.

Winter Haven, FL

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Dear Alan:

I have been facing gigantic problems at my workplace for the last 5 years. My employer is very powerful.

Your logic, intelligence and the structure of your thoughts has helped me during this difficult time. I finally defeated them with their own weapons.

You saved me and saved many inhabitants of this country.

I need to gather more courage and perhaps one day, I will share with you the details of this Odyssey.

At the moment, I just want to express my immense gratitude. Thank you for providing a valuable resource for us (the employees).

(City and State Withheld)

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I’d just like to extend my sincere thanks and gratitude to you and your staff for all your kindness, professionalism, and all your help during this last year. I do not know what I would have done without your guidance and support.

I definitely recommend your website to anyone I know that needs legal help. Your wonderful letters and blogs have been a blessing and yielded excellent results. They also gave me hope and confidence throughout my ordeal.

It is safe to say that without your service and support; I would have been in a much worse position and greatly appreciate that. Your knowledge and expertise helped to educate me and better understand and made me more prepared. All of your help made a huge difference. – and that you are more interested in the pursuit of justice than in making money. Mr. Sklover you are a mensch!

The world would be a much better place if there were more people like you. Thank you again for all your work.

Best regards,
Mary Colletta

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