“Toxic boss and environment caused us all to quit. Now what do we do?”

Question: What do you do when your boss has tremendous authority, he threatens to kill himself, and he looks at porn on the office computer with women employees? After he was discovered, he began to bully the staff, and ultimately the entire staff quit. To top it off, we have all been exposed to toxic mold. Any suggestions now that we are all unemployed?

Needing Direction
Camp Verde, Arizona

Answer: Forgive my analogy, but “Dust yourself off, get back on your horse, and ride off in the direction of what seems like greener pastures.”

There are times in all of our lives in which a relation – sometimes the employment relation – is just horrible, toxic and unbearable. What can we do? In two words: “Move on.” In your case, you should apply for unemployment, seek a new job, try not to criticize your former boss during interviews (no matter how much he deserves it), and try to get hired by a person who is more “normal” than your former boss, although “more normal” than he is should not be too difficult to find, I think you would agree.

My hope, and my expectation, is that in a year you will look back at your former boss as a source of jokes and stories to tell at parties, rather than the disaster you now still feel. I think you will find that nearly everyone has had a boss almost as nuts as yours was.

In case this happens to you again, you might find it helpful to read our Newsletter, “12 Ideas for Dealing with The Boss From Hell.” 

Give it time. Give yourself a break. Don’t forget: “Time heals all wounds and wounds all heals.”

My best to you,
Al Sklover

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