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Bully Boss’ed is the New “MeToo”

It’s a trend, and a growing trend: the workplace is becoming more uncivil, at times hostile, and more often than we’d like, downright brutal.

Fortunately, employers are also becoming increasingly aware of the many negative effects it has on their interests, including (a) increased absenteeism, (b) decreased productivity, (c) increased distraction from achieving goals, and (d) decreased retention of valuable talent. It is the ultimate “lose-lose” proposition for employers.

Nike has recently let go five executives – four male and one female – from their senior management ranks due to their bullying. One dismissed executive was expected to become the next Nike CEO. Google is now seeking to address the negative effects of bullying in their management ranks. There’s no question: bullying at work can have devastating effects to everyone, victims, bullies and all those around them, too.

In coming months, we will be posting more articles on How to Identify Bullying and Bullies, Understanding – Without Accepting – the Mind of a Bully Boss, How to Avoid Being a Bully Boss’s Victim, and What to Do If It Happens to You.

In the meantime, bear one thing in mind: “HEALTH COMES FIRST.” If you feel bullied, you should seek the help of friends, loved ones, and, possibly, health professionals, in minimizing its effects on you. There is truly nothing more important than your health.

bully boss trends @ workSecond, there are ways to try to put a halt to it, some more effective than others. Those ways will be the subject of our upcoming series of posts. As they say on TV, “Stay Tuned.”

And lastly, for now, know that many others are in “your shoes.” It is estimated that one in five American employees has been bullied. Like the “MeToo” movement, we seem to have reached a “tipping point” in response to this phenomenon, and there is, as never before, some hope to be had.

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